National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) boss Shaun Abrahams says he is aware of possible litigation against him and members of his team.

Abrahams is being grilled by Parliament’s justice portfolio committee today.


He has been briefing the committee about the decision to lay charges against Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan and former South African Revenue Service officials Oupa Magashula and Ivan Pillay, before dropping them this week.

He says he received a letter from the General Council of the Bar (GCB) on Tuesday about complaints lodged by the Economic Freedom Fighters.

Abrahams says he’s aware of a separate complaint from former African National Congress treasurer general Mathews Phosa.

“Mr Phosa has reportedly laid a complaint against me at the GCB. I am however yet to hear from the GCB in respect of this particular complaint. I have learned of this complaint through the media.”

The head of the NPA has denied allegations that he discussed the charges against Gordhan, Magashula and Pillay with President Jacob Zuma during a meeting at Luthuli House.

At the same time, Abrahams also told Members of Parliament he believed the NPA had a strong case against the three men.

“At no stage did I admit that there was never a winnable case; I have categorically stated time and time again that the briefing that was made to me was that there was a winnable case from the onset. Had it been to the contrary, I would have never allowed the matter to proceed.”