South African attorney and politician Mathews Phosa has called on the president Jacob Zuma to honourably pack his belongings and leave.

Speaking on Thursday, the anti-apartheid activist lamented that since Zuma took over power as ANC leader, the party has nosedived into the deepest ditch.

Zuma didn’t only damage the reputation of the ANC, he also sabotaged the lifelines the founding fathers of the ruling party built with integrity, love, unity and fairness, he said.

Phosa called on the ANC National Working Committee to speedily throw off the President from the boat, lest he hits the boat against the rock.

He said Zuma’s attitudes show he lacks character, integrity and lacks a sense of shame. He upheld that Zuma would have stepped down if he had character, integrity and a sense of shame.

“We need leaders with character, with integrity, with a sense of shame… We must still insist that he must step down because he is the elephant in the South African room.

The leadership of the NEC of the ANC will have to confess to posterity and future generations … why they are failing us in deciding on this matter,” Phosa said.

Mathews Phosa said he believes peace, unity, and love will be restored in the ruling party once President Zuma leaves.

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