Shocked by the scars of debilitating poverty eating through the people living in terrible shacks, presidential hopeful Dlamini-Zuma expressed her displeasure the ANC was established to free Africans‚ and black people in general‚ from oppression. Speaking at Duncan village, East London.

“We are free in so far as the political power‚ but when we still live like this we are not free‚” she told shack dwellers.

“It’s not an organisation that was established for elections. It was organisation that cared and loved the people and wanted them to be free. We are not free yet‚ so the work of the ANC is not complete‚” said Dlamini-Zuma‚ adding that the work of the ANC was about the day-to-day lives of the people

“It has nothing to do with campaigning. Of course‚ when the time for campaigning comes we campaign. The ANC was established in 1912‚ what campaigning was there? There was no campaigning.”