The African National Congress Youth League (ANCYL) seems to be running out of impatience with some of it’s Party officials serving in the Cabinet. This has however led the leadership of the league to call for the immediate sack of the perceived inefficient functionaries.

According to them, the National Treasury has failed in its oversight role at banks and therefore Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan and his top management should be fired, the ANCYL  said on Friday.

The league has, for the first time, come out publicly calling for Gordhan to be replaced.

ANCYL Secretary Njabulo Nzuza said financial institutions continue to enjoy protection from the Treasury, which continued to serve the needs of “white monopoly capital”.

“Our government deployee, since arriving at Treasury, has not made sure that  there is restructuring…now we want a different kind of calibre cadre that would dismantle the approach of protecting banks in South Africa,” said Nzuza.

“It is not Gordhan only, we are coming for the whole Treasury staff…they must change their mindset, those who do not want to shape up must shape out”.

When our reporter asked the league leader Collen Maine if he had a replacement for the office, he posited that:

“The appointment of ministers remains the prerogative of the President [Jacob Zuma]”, the MEC in Gauteng resigned because death happened under her watch, she resigned.

“If we had a name, we would have to lobby the president as he is the one who appoints,” Maine told reporters in Johannesburg following the ANCYL national executive committee meeting.