GOGO Sonto Hlophe says her brother, David Hlophe (56), is haunting her family.

David Hlophe’s spirit will not rest until he has his blanket!

The Hlophe family from Vosloorus in Ekurhuleni said they have been having sleepless nights since they buried David in November.

According to Sonto, David was rushed to the Far East Hospital after he suffered a stroke at work.

 Hospital staff had asked the family to bring David a blanket as they had run out of bedding.

“We brought his blanket but he died five days later,” said gogo Sonto.

When the family later went on to fetch David’s belongings, his blanket was missing.

“Now we can’t sleep because we are haunted by David. He is demanding his blanket from the grave.

“According to our culture, he was supposed to be buried with the blanket. The hospital told us they had taken it to be washed, but they never returned it.

“David needs his blanket. We won’t have any peace until it is returned to him,” said the gogo.

Gauteng Health spokesman Steve Mabona said they plan to meet with the family soon.

“We have started an investigation, but the staff member mentioned in the complaint is not on duty. We tried to call him but have not been able to reach him.

“We have called the family member mentioned in the complaint but her phone keeps going to voicemail. We will send an SMS to gogo Sonto requesting an urgent meeting with her so this matter can be solved.”