South African President Jacob Zuma has a history of surviving scandals.

  • 783+ charges.

Many South Africans keep wondering how the country voted a fired then Deputy President Jacob Zuma as the president of the country. The president has been charged for corruption, rape, racketeering, abuse of office, and many more. The charges were later dropped citing political interference.

  • The arms deal scandal.

A controversial arms deal has dogged Zuma since the dawn of South Africa’s democracy, and at times threatened to derail his political career. The arms deal has become an almost mythical corruption scandal involving the acquisition of a large cache of weaponry acquired from international arms companies. At one point, Zuma faced over 700 charges of fraud, corruption, money laundering and racketeering. The charges were dropped in 2009, in time for Zuma to be elected as president, but an opposition party is still fighting to have them reinstated.

  • Nkandla Scandal.

Apr 1, 2016 – President Jacob Zuma has apologised to South Africans in an effort to end a long-running scandal over improper state spending at his private home.

“The matter has caused a lot of frustration and confusion, for which I apologise,” he said in a TV address.

He said he would abide by a court ruling that he must repay government money spent on upgrading his rural home with a swimming pool and amphitheatre.

Some South Africans are saying that Mandela built a nation, Mbeki built a country, zuma built Nkandla. That sounds hilarious but to some extent it could be true.


  • Unexplained Mid night Cabinet reshuffle.

Zuma hard three finance ministers in one week. Mar 31, 2017 – There was widespread and mixed reaction on Friday to President Jacob Zuma’s Cabinet changes, which included the firing of five ministers.

Zuma said his decision was guided by a desire to increase the number of women and young people in his cabinet.

  • State Capture.

Most South Africans are alleging that the State has been captured. Former Public Protector Thuli Madonsela gave us a comprehensive State capture report that is pending an inquiry.

  • Gupta leaked emails.

 A series of explosive e-mails show the extent of the Gupta family’s control over cabinet ministers, and state-owned companies and their CEOs and boards.

The explosive evidence comes as President Jacob Zuma fights for his political life amid mounting confirmation of state capture and growing opposition in his own party to his links with the family.

Citing all the above mentioned and unmentioned incidents, many citizens want the president out of office before his tenure is due.

Disclaimer!! This article was written by a political analyst Gillian Mpule and does not represent the views of