According to two senior ANC officials, top leadership of the ANC will discuss removing President Jacob Zuma from his post at a meeting this weekend.

The two senior party officials who will be in attendance.

The ANC’s national executive committee (NEC) is due to discuss a motion of no confidence in Zuma that has been filed by opposition parties in Parliament.

Some members of the panel will also raise the possibility of removing Zuma as the nation’s president at the May 26-28 meeting.

The two party officials, sit on the decision-making body and asked not to be identified because they are not authorised to speak publicly on the matter.

Tension has mounted within the party’s ranks following his March 31 decision to fire Pravin Gordhan as finance minister, a move that prompted S&P Global Ratings and Fitch Ratings to downgrade the nation’s sovereign credit rating to junk.

ANC suffered its worst-ever electoral result when it lost control of Johannesburg and Pretoria in local elections in August 2016.

Three of its top six officials criticised Zuma’s decision to fire Gordhan, while Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa, who’s a rival to Zuma’s ex-wife to succeed him as party leader in December, said on Sunday that SA was threatened with becoming a “mafia state”.

The ANC would want to avoid a situation in which its MPs backed the opposition motion to force Zuma to resign.

The chances of Zuma being recalled is high because the ANC does not want the embarrassment of being voted out.

Zuma’s term has been marred by a succession of scandals, including a finding by the nation’s Constitutional Court that he violated his oath of office by refusing to repay taxpayer money spent on his private home.

Unions and the South African Communist Party (SACP), which form part of the country’s ruling coalition, have called for his replacement.

A group of 101 ANC stalwarts and anti-apartheid activists want the NEC to hold a consultative conference to discuss calls for Zuma to step down.

If the stalwarts fail to get the backing of the NEC to hold a consultative congress, the stalwarts would hold their own gathering, and invite civil society groups.

The ANC’s executive committee has recalled a sitting president before, having ordered Thabo Mbeki to set down in 2008.

“The NEC can force Zuma to stop being president of the country, but not of the ANC as this can only be done at an electoral conference,” said the two ANC officials.