This country will be in debt for the rest of our lives if Finance Minister Malusi Gigaba endorses a proposed nuclear deal, DA leader Mmusi Maimane said on Tuesday.

“I oppose nuclear, because it means our children and their grandchildren will be indebted to nuclear and we don’t need nuclear. They want nuclear, not for the energy of South Africans, but for the benefit of Jacob Zuma and his children.”

Maimane asked ANC members to join the fight so that Pres. Zuma will leave office before his tenure expires.

“South Africa is asking you now to do the honourable thing, to live for the ideals of Nelson Mandela, to stand for South Africa.”

The DA leader said that the country is expecting political leaders to do something, sighting that the last wwo matches against Zuma were a reminder that citizens could unite and stop racism.

Mmusi Maimane said Zuma was playing the race card against people standing up to his decision to fire Gordhan and Jonas.

“When we march against Jacob Zuma, he says it’s only the white people who are marching against him. We are here to tell him it’s not black people, it’s not white people, it’s not coloured people, it’s not Indian people. It is South Africans standing together.

“We are standing united and nobody can divide us. We will fight for the dream of Nelson Mandela.”


The children of the present generation would one day start asking uncomfortable questions.

“One day our children will ask us, were you a good person or were you a bad person? Were you a non-racial South African or were you a racist South African?

“Were you a South African who protects the Constitution, or were you a South African who violates the Constitution? Were you a South African who is corrupt like the Guptas, or a South African who wants to provide for all South Africans?”

Maimane said Zuma would spend his retirement in jail.

“He thinks he is going to retire in Nkandla. I am saying to him ‘no, no, no you are going to retire in Sun City Maximum Prison’.”

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