Not much is known about the DA leader Mmusi Maimane’s wife, Natalie Maimane.

Unlike her outspoken, fearless and assertive husband, the DA first lady is not well-known in the political jungle in South Africa.

If you take a look to the social media, you discover that Natalie lives a quiet life. As a matter of fact, reports said she is a stay-at-home mom.

However, the state capture released report has kept everyone buzzing in and outside of the country, grasping for updated headlines and whatnots, including little-known Natalie Maimane, the lovely wife of DA leader.

Her interest centered on Deputy Finance Minister Jonas Mcebisi’s startling revelation cum narration on how Ajay Gupta offered him R600 million bribe.

Mcebisi  disclosed that Ajay Gupta promised to make him Finance Minister so that he [Jonas] could throw out National Treasury head and other key officials at the Treasury.

Ajay Gupta reportedly told Jonas during the meeting, held in the Guptas’ mansion, that Gordhan and some other persons have been a stumbling block to the family’s business ambitions. The Gupta also disclosed names of “Comrades” they were working with, adding that collectively as a family, they “make a lot of money from the State”.

Mcebisi also stated that he immediately turned down the ‘irritating’ offer. But as he was about to step out of the door, he said Ajay promised to give him R600 million, asked him if he [Jonas] has a bag, which he could use to receive the R600,000 in cash immediately.

He said the Guptas instantly promised to increase the money to R800 million but he declined.

Weighing on the matter, the DA first lady praised the Deputy Finance Minister for protecting his integrity over the jaw-dropping bribe. She also encouraged others to emulated the Mcebisi.

Taking to social media, she asked the question: If ever someone offers you copious amounts of money to forget your integrity, ask yourself… #AskJonas”

She also uploaded an armband with the abbreviation: WWJD, meaning “What Would Jonas Do?


We all know in the early 90’s, congregants of Evangelical Christianity wore a popular armband with the abbreviation WWJD – What Would Jesus Do?

Natalie’s new ‘What Would Jonas Do’ armband now leaves many South Africans with her question – what would you do “If ever someone offers you copious amounts of money to forget your integrity?. I know you have an answer!