With the centre failing to hold in the governing party, DA leader Mmusi Maimane said he was fully focused on unseating the ANC in 2019, even if it meant it would happen through a national coalition.

“The ANC thought that it would govern until Jesus came back and now they are shocked by things that are happening to them.”

“In 2019 we are looking to do away with the ANC, even if it is through a national coalition,” Maimane said.

He said his party would be using “critical platforms”, including face-to-face engagement and the courts in their bid to unseat the ANC come 2019.

The party said it will now look to challenge National Prosecuting Authority head Shaun Abrahams’ fitness to hold office, saying that these days he prosecuted whoever he wanted.

So serious is the DA in its bid to unseat the governing party that it will set up house in Gauteng, which will house its election campaign team.

“We are in permanent election campaign mode. It is all systems go from now,” Maimane said.

“In Gauteng, the last electoral numbers were great, but we will not just be focused on winning Gauteng.

“The campaign is not just about provinces, but about numeric growth. All provinces are strategic. Even in the Western Cape we must increase our numbers.

“This is about setting up a national footprint. We are the only party that can put up structures all across the country, whether the area is rural or a suburb.

“We appeal to black, white, coloured and Indian.”

This week Maimane set off on a “back-to-the-people tour”, where he is personally visiting all DA-run municipalities as resolved by the last sitting of the federal council.

It is a two-pronged campaign focusing on ensuring that structures are on the same page, as well as engaging communities as a precursor to 2019.

Referring to a series of disruptive incidents on Thursday in councils of the three newly DA-run metros, Maimane said the actions were orchestrated.

“They [the ANC] disrupted all of the councils in an orchestrated event. It is in fact childish, undemocratic and unrevolutionary. The ANC must not come and seek to undermine democratic processes.”