Democratic Alliance (DA) Leader, Mmusi Maimane says the ANC should recall the President because he’s not fit to rule the country as everything he touches turns into a corrupt act.

“Everything Zuma touches turns into a corrupt act, whether it is the upgrades at his private residence or the appointment of Cabinet Ministers, all at the expense of the people of South Africa,” wails the opposition party leader.

Maimane was commenting on report which revealed that President personally benefited from the upgrades at his R247 million private Nkandla residence.

The report according to the opposition party leader, contradicts what the president “previously articulated in Parliament where he stated that he and his family had not benefited materially from the upgrades.”

Maimane recounts that the president told Parliament that his “residence in Nkandla was paid for by the Zuma family. All the buildings and every room we use in that residence was built by ourselves as a family and not by government. I have never asked government to build a home for me, and it has not done so.”

And also, claimed that “what the security has done for security features does not include the houses you have counted. They are neither in my residence nor my home.”

The DA leader refers to the information which disclosed that “taxpayers money was spent on Zuma’s private residences in Nkandla including items such as air conditioning, aluminum windows, paved walkways and even six door mats which each cost R1500.”

And as such, states that “it is unacceptable that Zuma can be allowed to trample on the institution of Parliament by lying to it and by repeatedly evading accountability to the people of South Africa by Parliament.

Zuma clearly misled Parliament and the people of South Africa in order to evade accountably when he told Parliament that his family had not benefited from the security upgrades.

South Africa cannot be led by a man who blatantly disregard the Rule of Law and the Constitution in order to enrich himself and a cabal of people close to him.”

The DA leader argues that the revealed “information adds to the growing body of evidence, which points to a man who is not fit to serve as President.”

Thus, he demands of the ANC to recall the President iterating that everything he touches turns into a corrupt act.

Maimane says he has written to the Speaker “to request that she write to Zuma on behalf Parliament to ask him to explain his previous verbal and written correspondence to the House.

The Speaker must stand up for Parliament and to the President by demanding that this explanation is provided without delay. (She) has a duty to uphold and protect the integrity of the institution of Parliament,” he adds. And declares that “the DA will not rest for as long as the people of South Africa suffer from acts of corruption.”

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