SA’s Minister of Sport and Recreation Fikile Mbalula is one man that is yet to recover from the shock of Malema’s exit from the ruling party (ANC).

Mbalula’s shock wasn’t because Malema left in a very humiliating way, it’s simply because the now-EFF leader was an embodiment of brilliance, boldness, assertiveness and charisma.

Speaking during an interview with Anele on Real Talk, Mbalula, widely known as ‘Tweeter Minister’, recounted his lovely days with Malema when Malema was with the African National Congress (ANC).


The minister affirmed that Julius Malema is one man that fights for anything he believes. Mbalula disclosed that during Malema’s leadership in the ANC, he [Mbalula] received the most heated criticism from him – despite their good relationship then.

The Minister opined that Malema is not someone that “buys” friendship. He also admitted that who Malema has become today was built up during his struggle days in the ANC camp.

Defining Malema in a simple sentence, Mbalula said Malema is a very intelligent man; who is not economical with the truth.

“He is very intelligent. There is nothing Julius can tell you besides the struggle, he is a brave man. If he believes in something, he’ll fight for it.

Even if the previous night you were drinking with him; he will tell you that you’re a coward the following day if you are disagreeing about something,” Minister Mbalula said.

Taking his hat off to Juju, the minister said Malema is a revolutionary leader.

Away from Malema talk, Mbalula also told his host about an ugly experience that almost pulled down his political career. According to him, he got the shock of life after a one-night woman accused him of impregnating her.

Although the matter was resolved after he bought his wife a reconciliation diamond, he said he received the hardest backslashes from the ANC.

It is worthy to note that Malema took over from Fikile Mbalula as ANC Youth League President in 2008 during his days in the ANC.