SA should be “obsessed” with constructing a stronger and less corrupt government‚ Deputy Finance Minister Mcebisi Jonas said on Tuesday.

This was one of three “obsessions” he said South Africans should have.

“We need that all South Africans will die and stand for a few things‚” Jonas told the Association of Black Securities and Investment Professionals (ABSIP) conference in Sandton.

Another focus should be on renewed and inclusive growth.

“Part of the new national obsessions that we need to build is an obsession towards renewed growth‚ inclusive growth as well as vigorous industrialisation‚ and reduce the constraints that prevent us from growth‚” Jonas said.

“The second national obsession should be [with] constructing a government that is stronger‚ more capable and less corrupt.”

The third obsession‚ he said‚ should be education and skills development‚ which was needed in order to satisfy the first two obsessions.

Jonas said‚ however‚ that spending on education was already very high and probably needed to be more focused on quality.

He said the country had long lists of objectives but it needed to be more focused.

“We have lost national obsessions. We are a country with no national obsessions.”