Not too long ago, the act of masturbation was a taboo topic. Not only was it frowned upon as a dirty and inappropriate deed, it was highly discouraged. Nowadays in most places, masturbation is seen as a completely natural thing.

Most doctors don’t see anything wrong with a person choosing to pleasure him or herself. Gloria Brame, Ph.D, a clinical sexologist, considers masturbation as, “part of a healthy sex life. It’s totally safe and harmless.”

Reaching orgasm through masturbation has its benefits as it makes people happy. Chemicals like dopamine and oxytocin are released when you climax making you feel satisfied and positive about life. As much fun as you may be having playing with yourself, there is such a thing as masturbating too much.

Msaturbating too much causes the following harms to you:

7. You are causing physical pain to your nether regions.

If you are making your skin chafe, you may be doing it too hard. Men can cause a condition called Peyronie’s disease, a buildup of plaque when the penis is injured causing it to bend. This will also cause great pain to the penis.

6. If You don’t care about the quality but rather focus on the number of times you get to do it.

You are either bored or are trying to beat the previous number of most orgasms from masturbating. This is not a competition, it’s just s*x. It become a habit and u get addicted to it. By so doing, you are wasting your spermatozoa and reducing your sperm count and motility rate.

5. Masturbating gets in the way of you actually having s*x.

There is nothing wrong with masturbating as long as u don’t overdo if but it does not need to replace the actual intimate and physical connection of two people. You might end up getting obsessive to it.

4. When you combine masturbating and porn it can affect your personal s*x life.

Men who masturbate while watching porn, it heighten their visual stimulation, craving more and more. Consequently, the response and intimacy with an actual partner is affected because porn will turn him on more.

3. Other parts of your life begin to suffer.

If you are avoiding getting together with friends or are late for work because you are satisfying yourself, that is a problem. Pleasuring yourself should never get in the way of your social life and work.

2. You are not enjoying yourself in other parts of your life because you keep thinking about the next time you get to pleasure yourself.

If you are distracted by constant thoughts of masturbation you may be dealing with a behaviour problem.

1. You can’t stop masturbating and when you are not doing the act, it’s on your mind constantly.

An addiction can be anything from alcohol, gambling, and s*x. If masturbating is getting in the way of your life and you can’t control it, it’s time you seek help from a professional like a therapist or s*x addiction counselor.

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