Reports have it that Neighbours of the EFF leader Julius Malema are said to have responded to his contentious public display where he encourages land grabbers by occupying open land in Seshego outside Polokwane in Limpopo.

Those occupying the said land are reiterating Malema’s statement in which he had encouraged people to occupy land as part of his party’s call for land to be returned to historically disadvantaged people.

While addressing his supporters about two weeks ago after his court appearance in Bloemfontein, Malema encouraged landless people to occupy empty land on the grounds that “the Freedom Charter said you must occupy the land wherever you choose”.

“I will never kill white people. We are asking politely that they return our land … If not, I cannot guarantee peace,” he said.

“We support these people 100% for occupying this unused land and we’re ready to fight side by side, together with these people, against any element that may seek to disturb their programme of occupying the land,” Malema said.

According to one of the occupants Themba Molongoana,  he said its not land-grabbing, but that they are putting the land to good use;

“Call it whatever you want, but for me this is not land-grabbing or illegal occupation of land. Rather put to use a piece of land that has remained unused for decades,” said an unemployed Themba Molongoana.

“We have lived crammed in small houses. I could not wait for an RDP house any longer, while the Johnny-come-latelies got houses before us,” Molongoana added.