Polokwane – Economic Freedom Fighters leader Julius Malema on Wednesday slammed the African National Congress for handing out T-shirts to community members, calling it unethical, while members of his own party did the same in his hometown.

Malema, speaking to journalists after casting his vote at Mponegele Primary School in Seshego, Limpopo, called the ANC cowards for continuing to dish out T-shirts.

“They are continuing to dish out T-shirts, it’s unethical. All of us were done at 12 o’clock midnight. A person who says ‘Asinavalo’… you are scared, you are cowards. Those who have done our work are walking around with our grannies and wives. We are not political rascals, we respect the voter,” he said.

Addressing the crowd at the EFF’s Tshela Thupa rally held in Polokwane at the weekend, Malema had cautioned South Africans against accepting free T-shirts. There he told crowds that T-shirts would not bring them electricity, houses or jobs and that they needed to put their children and the country’s future ahead of freebies.

But ANC volunteers in Seshego accused the EFF of doing very thing Malema was speaking out against.

Peter Monyele, 43, said the EFF was trying to buy the votes of the older generation through T-shirts.

“They have been handing out T-shirts all morning; they are trying to buy voters. We have worked hard and do not need to buy support.”

EFF provincial secretary in Limpopo Jossy Buthane defended his party’s actions, laughing at claims made by the ANC, calling them cheap politicking.

“The ANC is the one that introduced the story of T-shirts, but because today they have competition to take them head on then it’s wrong?”