The battle for the publication and release of the controversial state capture would soon be over say Julius Malema.

According to Juju, the battle ends by Wednesday evening, as the victory over Pres. Zuma and his cronies is certain.

Malema is one man who knows how, when, and where he picks information on any trending subject in the country, and most times, he’s been proved reliable and right.

Addressing the crowd on the sidelines of the North Gauteng court in Pretoria on Tuesday, he said: “We are guaranteed that by tomorrow this time, Thuli Madonsela’s state capture report will be released.”

He disclosed that with the evidence he released to Madonsela on the matter, Pres. Zuma would have no other option but to admit that he was unduly influenced by the Gupta family.

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Malema said that South Africans have not seen or heard anything yet. He said they would not only get the shock of their lives but would stagger in anger once the report is released.

“You’ll get the shock of your lives when that report is released. You think you are angry now, wait until tomorrow,” he promised his supporters.

James Selfe, another opposition party member who marched down to the court said he believes the case would go in their favour since Pres. Zuma abandoned his bid to get the matter postponed after Van Rooyen’s application was struck off the roll.

Following Tuesday’s argument on state capture case, one can rightly say that opposition parties are the biggest winners of the case. Although the case has not ended yet, there are tell-tale signs it might go in their favour.

To the opposition parties, victory is sure considering the facts that Pres. Zuma’s bid to postpone the hearing was rejected. Van Rooyen’s application was struck off the roll and most importantly, the High Court permitted opposition parties (EFF, UDM, and DA) who had applied to oppose the president’s application to join in the matter.

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