EFF leader Julius Malema claimed that he witnessed sports minister receiving a phone call from the Guptas and being told he would be promoted from deputy police minister to head of the department of sports.

Malema said Mbalula was shaken after being told by the Guptas – who are close friends of Zuma – that he would have to take up being the minister of sports.

Juju said Mbalula, who was his confidante and one of his best friends before he founded the EFF, was advised by the Guptas, who are ‘unelected leaders.’

Malema and Mbalula fell out after the firebrand youth leader was expelled from the ANC. They had been very close and were often spotted partying together.

However after Malema was removed from the ruling party his friendship with Mbalula subsequently collapsed.

Malema added that Mbalula advised him to refrain from calling for ex-president Thabo Mbeki’s recall, urging the former president’s detractors to abandon their bid to have Mbeki removed as a sitting president.

“Mbalula has shown that he knows what is right and wrong,” concluded Malema.

Mbalula took to social media to respond to Malema’s claims. He tweeted :


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