“the question then is why would people who have mainly benefited from colonial disruption gather in 23 years after democracy to speak about a disruption again.

The question then becomes do you want to disrupt yourself, which is unlikely, or do you want to cause further disruption in the lives of indigenous  people.

You want disruption because commercial property market is mostly affected by the overall economy, because majority of the economy is office based, as the economy is dominated by finance, services and utility sectors that requires space. When the economy is growing by less than 1%, it means many people are not occupying offices and  therefore a decline in demand for properties.

This is further evidence that the 1.3 decrease in budget  in the first quarter of 2017 as the overall economy sink into recession. So you all feel under threat because in the horizon heap in the state corruption has deepen to levels, where it is impossible to see a future characterised by law and order.

With current state of things, to survive you will have to bribe corrupt state officials , who will increasing do things in the law to endanger us all.

They will steal elections, use security forces to intimidate and suppress the opposition.  We are heading quietly to the direction of a state of institutional failure, we are fast approaching the highest stage of lawlessness.

These are the realities.

But in the final analysis, you should also take the blame. You have opposed the types of policies that resolve inequality, poverty and lead to massive industralisation.

You are amongst those who demonise the freedom charter, you demonise the state-led industrial development, at the centre of which is a state grant, land expropriation without compensation, state mining companies and free quality education.

Today thousands of black students sleep in toilets, dilapidated buildings, …due to lack of students accommodation…” When you account for more than 5-trillion in property ownership, you have refused a  scientifically testeddevelopment path, that helped create all the strong economies in the world, because your riches made you self-centred.