Comments made by the EFF leader Julius Malema might land him into deeper problem as the Democratic Alliance (DA) moves to lodge a complaint to the South African Human Right Commission over his hate speech made against the white people in South Africa.

Juju who was still facing court charges for calling on Blacks to forcefully occupy the lands owned by the whites, made a number of scathing attacks on white people living in the country, reminding them that they are only visitors in the country and thus do not have rights to occupy lands.

The Democratic Alliance has taken the move to report to the South African Human Rights Commission.

The party’s Phumzile Van Damme said: “There’s never any context that would justify saying you are not yet planning on genocide. There’s absolutely no space in our constitutional democracy for such talk.”

Malema reiterated in his speech that his party, the EFF, is on a mission to disturb the white man’s peace, saying they found peaceful Africans and killed them like animals.

“We are not calling for the slaughtering of white people, at least for now,” he added.

DA’s Van Damme rubbished the comment saying those comments violate the most fundamental principles of “our hard-won constitutional democracy”.

“Indeed the South Africa which Nelson Mandela dreamed of in 1994 is founded on the values of freedom, equality, dignity, as well as non-racism and non-sexism,”  Van Damme said.

“It has been more than 24 hours since these divisive, hate-filled and extremely dangerous comments were made, and despite being given the opportunity to apologise and retract, Mr. Malema has opted to remain silent.

“It is now time for the SAHRC to play their part in ensuring there is recourse for this conduct. A clear message must be sent that our constitutional values cannot be undermined and ignored for political mileage. He added as he noted that the DA would do its best to help build a united and prosperous South Africa, which belongs to all who live in it.

“These are the same values which the DA cherishes and upholds, and will fight against whenever infringed upon,” he said.

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