South Africa’s ‘Sushi King’ and socialite Kunene Kenny has threatened to shoot down EFF leader Julius Malema if he dares to touch any white man in South Africa.

Kunene was reacting to Malema’s statement on Monday shortly after his court appearance at the Newcastle Magistrate’s Court, KwaZulu-Natal.

Shortly after his brief appearance in court yesterday, Malema launched a scathing attack on white people in the country. He told his mammoth supporters that all white people are foreigners in the country.

Juju upheld that no land in the country belongs “rightfully” to the white race. He also said the EFF will not slaughter the white people for now but would do so if they fail to behave like strangers.

Taking on Malema on Tuesday on Twitter, the popular businessman vowed to take Malema’s life before he gets close to the white race. He reassured his white friends, who might have been highly strung by Malema’s threats that there is no cause for alarm because he is ready to kill the “wild animal”.

He posted: “my white friends, rest assured you will NOT be slaughtered by Judas … I will kill him before he gets to you. SA belongs to all who live in it…”1

Kunene Kenny said he wouldn’t mind going to jail in order to save South Africans from Malema. He boasted that he is not scared of being locked up in prison because he had spent 6 years behind the bar.

The one-time EFF member also called on South Africans to quit hailing Malema and his reckless comments, stating that the Malema he knows has a very deep hatred for white people.

“Malema meant it when he said the EFF will not slaughter white people “for now”.

“When he said the white man mustn’t clap for the EFF, he wasn’t joking, that’s the real Malema talking,” he added.


He opined that he left the EFF, regardless of the fact that he was one of the founders of the left-wing party because of Malema’s anarchic leadership and his untamable hatred for the white people.