The Democratic Alliance claims that three of its newly-won metropoles, Tshwane, Johannesburg and Nelson Mandela Bay, were handed over in less-than-satisfactory condition.

DA leader Mmusi Maimane in a statement says Tshwane was “technically bankrupt” when the ANC left it, due to what he calls “irresponsible spending and acts of nepotism”.

The DA leader accuses former ANC Mayor Kgosientsho Ramokgopa of having had a “slush fund” to the tune of R30-million that he dispersed as he pleased.

Other extravagant wasteful spendings included R90-million for failed City Hall upgrades, as well as an inflated staff body that cost the city a whopping R250-million per year.

“This speaks to the capture of the government in order to continue patronage networks and hand out money to those connected to the ANC – at the expense of poor and unemployed South Africans,” lamented Maimane.

In Johannesburg, meanwhile, Maimane says there is a backlog of issues caused by years of neglect.

“The previous administration in Johannesburg seemed content in vanity projects, crisscrossing the globe portraying an image of a ‘World Class African City’ while failing to address the fundamental challenges that face its residents on a day-to-day basis,” he claims. “We have also inherited a demoralised public service, infested by patronage.”

Maimane further claims that under Mayor Danny Jordaan, Nelson Mandela Bay was plagued by corruption.

“When the DA took office, it immediately became apparent that the ANC falsely presented a large cash bank-balance as a solvent position when in fact it had devastatingly cut all city maintenance to instead put money in the bank,” he reveals.

Among other things, a paid-for CCTV system has yet to be installed, and a contract has been unearthed for lightbulbs at R600 per bulb.

“This is no doubt just the tip of the iceberg in these metros, and we are expecting to uncover many more examples of capture and corruption in the coming months,” concludes Maimane.

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