There is a reason almost every politician is so keen to climb the ladder to the top. To most of them, t’s not just to serve the people they purport to care so much about.

The salaries of South African government officials for 2017 have been published in the Government Gazette, with the Determination of Salaries and Allowances proclamations finalised and made public.

The salaries are the same as last year, due to a price freeze on state pay increases.

That decision was based on the recommendations of the Independent Commission on the Remuneration of Public Office Bearers, although the latest announcement excludes the 2017 salary of Pres. Jacob Zuma which is still to be finalised.

Our politicians are still making decent money. Take a proper look at these tables below:


That is Deputy Cyril Ramaphosa sorted, although if we’re honest it’s not like he needs the money.


Baleka Mbete pulling in a whopping R2,7 million per year then as Speaker of the House, which equals R1 for every time she shouts ‘honorable member’ and ‘order’.

Mmusi Maimane, as leader of the opposition, is banking almost R1,5 million and Julius Malema, as a leader of a minority party, is taking home just over R1,2 million.

There are also other perks.

The government remuneration packages consist of:

  • A basic salary component equal to 60% of the total package, which constitutes the pensionable salary.
  • An amount of R120,000 per annum, which is an amount to which the Income Tax Act applies. This amount is included in the basic salary.
  • An employer’s pension benefit contribution equal to 22.5% of pensionable salary.
  • A flexible portion for the remaining amount of the total remuneration.
  • The remaining 32% of the employer’s pension benefit contribution will not form part of the remuneration package. The state will contribute the cash on an annual basis.

It certainly pays to rise to the top, and if you make national police commissioner there are free cars thrown in.