President Jacob Gedleyihlekisa Zuma thinks he’s like Jesus of Nazareth.

He likened himself to Jesus Christ arguing that he’s been oppressed and discriminated against by his very own people, the people he struggled to liberate from the shackles and bondage of sin (apartheid).

Mr President lamented about his agony on the cross, wailing that he’s been betrayed by people close to him like Judas did to God’s son.

“We were never loved. Even when we were in the struggle we were called terrorists… because we are doing good things we are hated. Even those who were with Jesus turned against him,” said President Zuma.

He also remarked that Western powers are striving to destroy the ANc and are even using party members to do as such.

“These countries that now act like the love us, loved apartheid. That is why they want to remove the ANC. They know we want to strengthen our relations with those who helped us during the struggle. We can’t abandon them after they helped us. That is why these Western countries are not happy.

“Our enemies from outside don’t love us. When we were in the struggle we deployed Tambo to go to countries in the West for help to train us in military combat. They refused.

“(But), the socialist countries came to our aid. It was Russia who trained us and helped us with the tools to fight. China and other socialist countries helped us,” Zuma related.