The stealth takeover of South Africa by China is beginning to have a serious negative impact on South Africans. Unemployment has gone up, China has just wiped out South Africa’s manufacturing industry. President Ramaphosa must return back all Chinese loans, it is a mistake to take loans from China as the Chinese are ruthless loan sharks. If we want to known what we have gotten ourselves into about these Chinese loans we must ask the Zimbabweans, the Zambians and the Nigerians.

Although Chinese loan conditions sound and seem innocuous/ harmless on paper they are actually very destructive, if a country is unable to pay back the loan, then Chinese would take something from that country, let’s ask Sri Lanka where Chinese took a port/harbour.

Zimbabwe just next door was permanently destroyed economically by China and not so long the name Zimbabwe will be changed to Chinabwe, Zimbabwe has surrendered diamond mines, land , farms etc to China and Zimbabweans are using anything to pay back the Chinese loans, they are also paying elephants to settle the Chinese loans. The Chinese have also taken all the land and all the farms in Zimbabwe and are using politicians as their proxy, Chinese actually removed Mugabe from power and put Munangagwa.

Now Zimbabweans are forced to plant tobacco for their Chinese Colonisers nb, there is no need for planting tobacco in Zimbabwe, as Zimbabweans don’t eat tobacco, the staple food in Zimbabwe is meal meal ( they eat something called sadza )