EFF leader Julius Malema is sticking to his guns. He is adamant he did not fire a real gun or use live ammunition during the party’s fifth birthday bash in East London.

Malema has again insisted that he fired a toy gun on stage last Saturday at the Sisa Dukashe Stadium – and that the noise heard in a video was a firework display that occurred at the same time.

“It coincided with fireworks all the time in the celebration of the EFF. Unfortunately you are seeing it for the first time. There was no gun … I will not even discharge a firearm amongst our own members‚ because I know how dangerous it is.

“There was no live ammunition at all‚” Malema said on Frankly Speaking‚ broadcast on Sunday.

The EFF leader also questioned the authenticity of the video.

“There’s a white police chap there in East London who moves around with a cartridge who says to the forensic‚ ‘Let’s go and create the crime scene and then I will put this’‚” Malema said.

Malema went further to accuse him of being a racist. That was why he wants him in trouble.

The host interjects: “Like framing?”

Malema replies: “I don’t understand where does it come from‚ because if there was a genuine cartridge‚ you can go to the scene and find it there.

“Why do you have to create a crime scene?”

National police spokesperson Brigadier Vishnu Naidoo on Monday said: “The matter is still under investigation and we will not be giving a blow by blow account of the investigation.”