The Economic Freedom Fighters commander in chief, Julius Malema has been experiencing some sort of unexplained weight loss recently.

The weight loss has been on people’s lips for some time now. Many are giving out their different opinions on why Malema is losing weight. Some are saying he’s got HIV.

Most South Africans just keeps making assumptions and conclusions on what could be eating him away.

Earlier,  Juju tried giving reasons for the weight loss. Many did not buy the idea. He said the weight loss is a new lifestyle. He said he engages in regular exercise and eats healthy these days.

Surprisingly, one of his close and trusted relatives insists that Malema still eats the same food he has always been eating and not once was he seen exercising.

The relative went on to say that this has the ANC written all over it.

”The ANC poisoned him, hoping to kill him but the poison only made him ill instead and leaving him losing a lot of weight,

”The ANC is fighting a losing battle and Julius once said that he will die fighting so the ANC doesn’t scare him a bit,” the relative concluded.

It is believed that Malema is still battling with the poison and his family hopes the poison doesn’t kill him.