Speaking at an EFF memorial for Cuba’s Fidel Castro yesterday afternoon as posted on their Twitter handle

“We salute everyone who’s not scared of white people!”

He chose to direct a string of anti-white sentiments at fellow South Africans. These included:

“I have no business with what white people have to say about what say. I’m worried about you‚ Black people!”

“We are poor because of whites‚ we don’t have jobs because of whites‚ we are dying of sicknesses because of whites!”

“Black people stop apologising to White people. You did nothing to white people! In fact‚ they owe us an apology!”

“I’m worried about the Blacks who listen to the opinions of whites more than they do Black opinions.”

“White people must stop crying crocodile tears! We’re not going to kill you! You’re scared because you killed us!”