Economic Freedom Fighters leader, Julius Malema has taken another shattering attack on white people in South Africa.

Court appearance and life threats seems not to be enough to make the EFF leader to leave White South Africans alone over grab-land-calls.

Juju believes that no white South African is a rightful owner of any land. He claims all South African Land belong to the Blacks.

Malema took to social media to attack white people in South Africa after South Africa’s ‘Sushi King’ and socialite Kunene Kenny recently threatened to shoot down the EFF leader if he dares to touch any white man in South Africa.

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Julius Malema tweeted:1

Malema’s tweet brought about some mixed comments all over the country. Some reminded him that ”Land does not belong to him,” while others encouraged him that ”victory is certain.”


Some comments told Malema that Land won’t solve his problems. Some told him to earn, buy or pay for land if he wants it.


Some called on Donald Trump to who recently won the US elections to please come to the rescue of the White race in South Africa.


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