The African National Congress (ANC) will continue winning elections and the only difference will be by what percentage, President Jacob Zuma said on Monday.

The president chastened opposition parties who celebrated the party’s decrease.

He was responding to some questions some ANCYL delegates asked him when they paid him a courtesy visit in Pretoria on Tuesday.

The ANCYL has openly voiced their support for Pres. Zuma by charging party faithfuls to take up arms and fight for Prs. Zuma.

Pres. Zuma said the ruling party was a game changer.

“The ANC has won elections, has been winning elections and it is going to [continue to] win elections. All we can argue about is the percentage,” the president said.

“No one can argue about whether the ANC is going to win elections come 2019 or not.”

He said opposition parties celebrated every time there was a 1% drop in the support for the ruling party – as if the ANC had lost.

Zuma said opposition parties were too interested in what the ANC did and what they are going to rather than planing their own political agenda.

He bragged about himself, saying that he he had been produced by the ANC, including former president Nelson Mandela.

He said people needed to understand that in a democratic state, once things become a bit challenging, most people packed up their bags and forget all the government has been doing

Pres. Zuma said some people interpreted democracy as nepotism, but that this tendency was “childish politics”.

In South Africa, people were not asked about their party affiliations when they applied for jobs as that was not an issue, Pres. Zuma said.

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