The publication of the preliminary report by the public protector on the money Absa was supposed to owe the state was an absolute game changer in South African politics.

The “leaking” of the report was a stroke of genius by the Zuma/Gupta/state security complex that has been trying very hard for months now to steer the national discourse away from state capture, the previous PP’s State of Capture report and corruption, to the “white monopoly capital” theme.

It has been very successful.

“WMC” became the meme that has spread like a virus through social media and political interactions.

Don’t even contemplate questioning the mistakes, lies and leaps of logic in the leaked report, because you will simply be accused of wanting to protect white monopoly capital.

I have no concrete evidence to prove this, but I have a very strong suspicion that the new PP, Busisiwe Mkhwebane, is herself a player in this dezinformatsiya campaign.

Has she ever stopped being an operator of state security, her previous employer, or is she simply a Zuma/Gupta fellow traveller?

The timing of the “leak” of the report and the many provable mistakes in it surely can’t simply be a coincidence.

The Reserve Bank/Bankorp/Absa saga has been in and out of the news for many years now and was investigated again by Judge Dennis Davis fourteen years ago.

And yet it is now presented as a “smoking gun” about the evil of white capitalists with Johann Rupert – who had nothing to do with the Absa deal – made the WMC poster boy.

Successfully off the table are the scandals around the Gupta family and the fact that Atul Gupta is the seventh richest man in South Africa with assets worth more than R10 billion.

Those who are shouting the hardest from the rooftops, besides the Gupta organs ANN7 and The New Age, are all suspected of being beneficiaries of Gupta largesse: Mzwanele Manyi of the Progressive Professionals Forum, the ANC’s Youth and Women’s Leagues and the miniscule sect around Andile Mngxitama (who is also, by the way, a Hlaudi Motsoeneng disciple).

(Take a look at Atul Gupta’s Twitter account: he doesn’t tweet himself, but retweets the above list of people on a regular basis.)

When one examines this propaganda from up close, the real targets become clear. The line goes from Maria Ramos of Absa to her husband, Trevor Manuel, his friend and present Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan and then to ANC presidential candidate Cyril Ramaphosa.

In other words: Zuma’s critics in the ANC have all sold out to WMC.

Supporting this campaign is a barrage of fake news spread on social media, falsely stating that Gordhan owns massive shares in banks, airlines, etcetera.

Manyi is a self-declared enemy of Gordhan and a sycophant of the head of SARS, Tom Moyane. The present WMC onslaught is thus in part a continuation of the old battle for control of the national treasury and SARS.

It was Zuma himself who had fired the first shots in the new, fake WMC campaign. On 22 December last year he said that it was only white monoply capital that wanted him to resign as president and wanted to prevent him from firing certain members of Cabinet.

He was not reacting to a Rupert or Oppenheimer statement, but to a motion asking for his resignation at his own party’s national executive committee and a similar request by a group of esteemed ANC stalwarts.

There’s another trend appearing through the fog of disinformation and propaganda.

Manyi’s new proposal is that the South African Constitution be ammended to change South Africa from a constitutional democracy to a parliamentary democracy where only the will of the majority counts. Did the idea to propose this just suddenly pop into his head? I don’t think so.

A few weeks ago the ANC’s KZN-leader, Sihle Zikalala, demanded from the same platform Zuma was sitting on that 70 percent of all land be expropriated and given to black people.

His party didn’t budget for this expense last year (nor will it be done for this year), so one can only surmise that he meant expropriation without compensation, which is unconstitutional.

So Zuma is now playing EFF politics.

Julius Malema and his party will have to become even more militant or they will be seen as doing Zuma’s business for him.

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