The EFF believes that now is the time to move from reconciliation to justice, in particular towards the attainment of economic freedom. On this Reconciliation Day, we reiterate that the most important and lasting solution to the colonial relations and anti-black racism that characterises South Africa is the radical reorganisation of property relations in line with the EFF seven cardinal pillars which include, amongst others; land expropriation, nationalisation of mines and banks and free quality education.

Twenty two years into democracy, Africans remain targets of despicable racism motivated by the fact of white racism. Black people remain a hated and despised people, dispossessed of land and any grounds to call this country their home. No where is the evidence of hatred and despise evident than in the the social media incidences like that of Penny Sparrow or in the Coffin Assault case. As blacks we remain a defeated people who live on their knees bagging for existence from the white supremacist driven capitalists.

We believe it is time the humanity of black people is elevated without any apology by implementing the demands of the African revolution for land expropriation. Any conception of humanity that is not based on material access to the means of subsistence is false and demonic. The dominant idea of reconciliation that has been in function since 1994 is complicit with the dehumanisation of blacks because it does not demand the return of the land.

Without economic freedom, our democracy is destined to shatter. The only true reconciliation that is necessary is where we reconcile our people to the means of production, in particular the land; only then can we enjoy genuine social cohesion based on mutual respect and friendship.