The recently proposed national minimum wage has continued to blow hot and cold in the country. While the likes of the ANC are rolling over the ‘cool’ news, the likes of the EFF have vehemently kicked against it.

The leader of the National Union of Metalworkers of South Africa (Numsa) Irvin Jim has publicly slammed the proposed wage. Taking on Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa shortly after the announcement on Sunday, Jim expressed disappointment with him.

Jim said Ramaphosa’s proposed R3 500, shows he’s protecting ‘white monopoly capitalist’ and doesn’t have the interest of poor black workers at heart.

Reacting on Twitter, Irvin Jim posted that the deputy president is just a disgrace to the black race and the poor, who he said has always been at the “bottom of the food chain”.


He claimed that the masses and the poor black race will perish in poverty if Ramaphosa eventually succeeds Pres. Zuma as South African president.


Ramaphosa on Sunday called on South Africans and various sectors to debate the proposed national minimum wage in order for the policy to be implemented soon.

The Deputy Pres. asserted that while the debate on the proposed figure is the pipeline, the wage cannot be too high as this could have negative employment effects.

“The key question that all of us need to ask ourselves as South Africans is where do you want to peg the national minimum wage because it’s a contradiction? You may want a high figure of 20,000 but you may wipe out a lot of jobs,” he said.

The R3,500 per month wage was arrived at after the deputy president appointed a seven-man commission to investigate a national minimum wage two months ago.

The commission, led by Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa, also proposed that the minimum hourly rate be set at R20 an hour. No date has been set for the implementation of the proposed wage.