Kwaito star Mixon Tholo, popularly known as Tsekeleke, died on Tuesday. It was a very painful death as tributes poured in from all over South Africa.

Tsekeleke was diagnosed with diabetes and had been in and out of hospital since last year.

After his death, Pastor Paseka Motsoeneng popularly known as Mboro has some interesting things to tell South Africans and the World at large.

Paseka Motsoeneng is a South African televangelist of Incredible Happenings Ministries.

Mboro said that although he had not seen Tsekeleke in his last days, he knew he was happy after he found love.

Mboro revealed that Tsekeleke had shown great improvement after they began praying late last year and that the musician confided in him that he had found love soon after they began their spiritual journey.

“Tsekeleke and I began our praying journey when his state was really bad, he had no hope to ever feel better but he was willing to believe that his healing would come. And, he got better physically and mentally as we prayed, but even then something was missing. He later confided in me that he had found love and that was the happiest I had ever seen him,” he said.

Mboro went on to say that Tsekeleke called to tell him that his church visit won’t be regular as he had regained enough strength to invest in his comeback and his “booming” love life.

“When he called me, at the time he stopped attending church, he told me that his love life was wonderful and that he had never experienced love like he was at that moment. He even shared some intimate details with me, I was happy he was finally feeling himself as a man and maybe that’s part of the reason he got more time on earth- to experience that kind of love. And he really enjoyed his temporary freedom from that disease,” he said.

The self proclaimed Pastor blamed Tsekeleke for stooping to come to his church when he felt better.

”He stopped attending service when he felt his ok, i could have saved him if i was close. You never can tell, bragged the prophet.

Mboro said that when Tsekeleke was admitted again he had reached out to his church and one of the pastors started praying with him regardless of their recent distance.