Some dark forces have been fingered  in the startling but revealing details of the million man match , with patriots calling for collective nationalism and decency in public governance.

the Save South Africa called on the public Friday morning called to occupy the National Treasury’s headquarters in Pretoria at 10am.

The call is motivated by President Jacob Zuma’s reshuffle cabinet.

Late on Thursday night it emerged that Zuma was effecting changes to the cabinet that would affect 15 ministers and deputy ministers, which included the removal of Pravin Gordhan and his deputy, Mcebisi Jonas, from the Finance Ministry.

Save SA has accused Zuma of appointing ministers based on the wishes of the Gupta family.

The organisation says it is a brazen attempt to undermine the gains of the liberation struggle by taking power away from the people and handing it over to a clique based in Dubai.

“It is a Gupta coup and final confirmation for those who needed it that our president, our government and our country have been captured by compradors intent on destroying our democracy,” Save SA said in a statement.

“We are urging every woman and man, old or young, to make their way to Pretoria and assemble at Church Square, outside the National Treasury at 10am today to show their objection to this Gupta inspired coup.

“Bring your flags, bring your family and friends and occupy central Pretoria. This is the only we can stop the capture of National Treasury and prevent the Gupta proxies from access to our money.”

Save SA says that similar marches around Parliament should take place.