Sipho Pityana

African National Congress (ANC) veteran Sipho Pityana says if President Jacob Zuma fails to heed the growing calls for him to resign, he will take it upon himself to mobilise society and organisations until he does.

Pityana was speaking at the two-day ethics conference held in Midrand this week.

He says there is a strong view from various sectors of the country that the president must step down. A lot of people from various parts of the Nation are calling for President Jacob Zuma’s resignation.

“There is a broad view in society that it’s desirable for him to step down.”

He says if the president continues to ignore these calls, it will be at his own peril.

“If he fails to do that then I think it’s left to citizens to make their point clear that they’re not deserving of a leader president Zuma represents. As a citizen of the country, I’m committed to ensuring that it does happen.” he added.