Pres. Zuma has refuted claims that he is a “thief” who has fleeced state coffers for his own benefit since assuming office.

He told African National Congress (ANC) supporters at a cadres forum in Pietermaritzburg on Friday that he was not a thief but knew those who were fleecing state coffers.

“The truth is I am not a thief and there is no evidence to support this claim. That is why I am not bothered by such accusations. The truth is those who are accusing me of stealing are the ones who are enriching themselves through theft. I know who they are,” he said.

The President promised that at some point he would publish a tell all book which would give a detailed account of the “secrets” he knew about certain individuals.

“Long when I am gone, when you are old, you will read in a book what I am referring to right now.”

Zuma said all the accusations thrown at him did not worry him, as he knew the truth and felt pity for those making remarks about him.

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