Pres. Zuma cannot continue to loot the public purse to fund his court cases in order to keep himself out of jail, wails the Democratic Alliance (DA) party.

The DA said it’s uncool for Pres. Zuma to be handed a further R2.1 million for ‘unforeseen increased legal costs’ in addition to the R5.327 million budgeted for legal fees over the 2016-2019 medium term.

The party was particularly pissed after the Presidency refused to disclose how much money government spent on President Zuma’s legal fees in relation to the Nkandla scandal.

The DA said the Presidency evasively referred them to a statement which allow the grouping of transactions and as such, can’t allow the identification of transactions related to the Nkandla legal fees.

“Essentially the Presidency said that the cost of the President’s legal fees – which the taxpayer is funding – can be buried in vague and bureaucratic line items in financial statements, and be hidden from the public. This is absolutely unacceptable,” DA stated.

Sejamothopo Motau, DA’s Shadow Minister for the Presidency has written to Deputy President, Cyril Ramaphosa who is the Leader of Government Business demanding he take the matter up with the Presidency, immediately.

Motau tasked Ramaphosa to ensure that the Presidency reveal to Parliament and the South African public how much money government spent on President Zuma’s Nkandla legal fees.

The DA lamented that it wouldn’t stand back and watch Mr. Zuma abuses government funds while South Africans go without work, and dignity that comes with finding a job.

“…Presidency therefore must release the full cost of all legal costs incurred by the State in relation to the Nkandla upgrades,” charged the DA.

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