Many had invested their hopes and future in one man who professed to carry the dreams and destiny of millions.  His administration had been allegedly characterised by hefty criminal records. Now the masses have given up on him, his party is checkered by crisis over impending gloomy future and parliament are about to rise against one man who was previously perceived as intractable.

The polity is deeply charged and tensed, and in a matter of hours history might be made. But after all these theater of the absurd, what then becomes of the hitherto most popular and influential man in the land.

Will he on account of seven-hundred and eight-three criminal charges and still counting be treated and dealt with like a common criminal?

Will the proverbial saying, how are the mighty fallen come to play.

Were women actually the source of his weaknesses and many failings and afflictions?

Having been spuriosly accused of rape cases involving his close friends daughters and political allies who later turned the victims.

Was the great English writer of all time Williams Shakespear a seer when he echoed in his artistic creation:

“Frailty thy name is woman”

Ever envisaged men of his character and mien .

We are constantly reminded that vanity had led supposedly great men to great doom. If he is treated like a common criminal, will the family that dragged his administration into disrepute stand up for him?

Will they abscond with their spoils and leave him to face the music all by himself?

Public office is a sacred realm that should be revered  and treated with utmost restrain and moral authority. Anyone  who is entrusted with the mandate of the people must always be conscious that judgement day has never been an illusion.