My thoughts goes out to the innocent white men who were forced into a war they knew nothing about by the apartheid government. They were never taken in for counseling then, and were neglected by the post apartheid government. May you find closure.

“One of my four brothers saw such terrible things that SWAPO did to their own people and had such terrible experiences that 34 years after the events, he still suffers from PTDS.” Esie Hill.

I know a few men who returned from the “bush war” so traumatised &nothing was done to debrief them, help them reassimilate back into society..they were so young when conscripted..a crying shame. Three died..still traumatised”. Ania Garnett.

“So true!! Even if these Whites did not support the then Gov, they were forced into service and left with no “aftercare” in spite of the horrors they witnessed, experienced or were forced to commit. Many of these folk turned to drink, drugs, abuse on their return to society. Same thing happened in USA, especially for Vets of Korean War”. Wendy Robertson.