All eyes are on African National Congress MPs as they debate a motion of no confidence in the leadership of President Jacob Zuma ahead of a secret ballot.

It’s one thing for an ANC MP to want President Jacob Zuma to step down. But it’s quite another issue altogether for that same ANC MP to want his or her party to lose power, split or be irrevocably weakened. This is at the crux of the motion of no confidence slated for Tuesday in Parliament.

Mbete: says quorum is always counted on 400 seats & says for vote to pass it will need 201 & she suspends parly business

Business is suspended in order to allow for preparation of the NA Chamber for a secret ballot vote.

Bells will be rung to alert members to the resumption of business and the doors of the National Assembly Chamber will be locked for voting.

The Speaker will announce the procedure to be followed for the casting of votes