The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) has rallied behind South Africa’s endearing former Protector Madonsela, following President Zuma’s scathing attack on her.

President Zuma, on Friday, blew Madonsela to pieces in an unsparing warning letter.

In the said letter, Zuma asked the former Public Protector to back off and stop attacking him and his government.

He said she ought not to be meddling in government affairs since she has successfully handed over to her successor Busisiwe Mkhwebane.

Pres. Zuma also condemned her activeness in the state capture report, insisting that she has no further role to play in the process regarding the said report.

However, after going through Zuma’s statement, the EFF took a different path on it. The Malema-led party disagreed with Zuma’s call for Madonsela to back off.

The red block insisted that the former Public Protector should not be barred from airing her thoughts and viewpoints on any issue. The party argued further that Madonsela is a citizen of the country and therefore, has every right to express herself freely.

EFF spokesperson, Ndlozi said Zuma’s statement seeks to suppress Madonsela’s voice, which he said, has a trait of post-colonial dictatorship.

“This attack by the Presidency must be seen as yet another sign of the rise of post­colonial dictatorship, known for suppression of basic rights to free speech. Post­colonial dictators always trump on free speeches that criticize their leadership,” he said.

Losing his cool on Zuma, the ever-energetic fighter sarcastically asked the President and members of his cadre to go drown themselves in the free alcohol from Saxonwold Shebeen.

Ndlozi called on Zuma to leave the country’s democracy intact, rather than blowing a hole in our hard-fought democracy.

Zuma has been ill at ease with ex Public Protector Madonsela since she released the state capture report – which embodies his questionable relationship with the Gupta family, and evidences that he was truly captured by the family.