Secret Report Shows ANC Branches are in war. Some ANC Big Shots and Pres. Zuma are being asked to Step Down.

The report was presented to ANC NEC by the party’s secretary-general, Gwede Mantashe during its meeting last month.

It was never made public but has now been revealed that ANC branches indicated in the report that ANC members are hugely dissatisfied with the ruling party and it’s leaders.

The report was reportedly compiled after ANC leaders’ consultations with the branches of the party after the ruling party’s flop in the local government polls.

As found in the report, ANC members indicated a strong desire for President Zuma and other ANC big-shots to step down.

The ANC chief whip, Jackson Mthembu’s resignation call for the entire ANC NEC was a move to inform the public about the report.

According to the report;

“The branches are of the view that the leadership is not accountable and fails to make each other accountable…While they accepted the concept of collective responsibility, they insisted that within any collective there is individual responsibility.”

To the ANC branches, the ANC lacks discipline. They indicate in the report that the lack of organizational discipline was why the NEC failed to discipline Zuma for Nkandla and State Capture scandals.

According to the secret report, ANC members are of the view that internal debate on the matter (Nkandla and State Capture) was prematurely closed.

“The NEC could have engaged society openly and with humility on both matters instead of focusing on quickly closing it,” read the report. In line with that, the ANC branches asserted that the NEC is failing to provide leadership.

Also, ANC members lamented that their quality leaders are being displaced by those who use money to earn popularity. They denounced “the new culture” of displaying “wealth and dispense patronage rather than ideological and political clarity.”

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