Former Public Protector Thuli Madonsela has apologised to the ANCYL and the Youth League president Collen Maine for calling him ”Oros”.

“I admit that his feelings ánd that of the League were hurt and I apologise for that,” she said on Monday.

“If he thinks that that gives him and the league the licence to attack me and he will feel better, then so be it,” she said on the sidelines of the 2016 Mahamta Gandhi Awards at the Durban City Hall. She was presented with The Second Satyagraha Award for her contribution as Public Protector.

Madonsela had compared Collen Maine to the orange-flavoured juice’s tubby mascot.

She said in an interview with the SABC’s Question Time on October 27: “I’m surprised when somebody like Oros… There is a guy that they call Oros. Well I don’t know what is his real name. What is his real name?” she asked her interviewer.

The ANC Youth League on Monday called Madonsela “a drama queen” who needed “to rest in peace”.

The league said her “State of Capture” report was intended to “further enhance the agenda of the Democratic Alliance” and bring President Jacob Zuma down.

“We’re calling for lady to rest in peace. It’s like she is still the Public Protector. It’s like she is not finished with what her handlers would have wanted her to finish. She must rest in peace and allow the new Public Protector to do her work,” Maine said.

He criticised Madonsela for referring to him as “Oros”, a name opposition parties used to tease him.

“She said she does not know my name and referred to me as Oros, so I don’t know her name as well. Others are calling her a spy or big nose. I don’t know her name,” Maine said.

Madonsela said it was obvious that Maine took offence at being called Oros.

“Someone had told me that a certain Oros has said something and I responded to the Oros. You know that the former mayor of Pretoria is Sputla [Ramokgopa]. I thought that Oros was somebody’s name or a nickname that was acceptable.

“I did not even know that was the name of that person, it turns out from what I heard today, that that was his name and he felt that I attacked him,” said Madonsela.

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