The outspoken ex-leader articulated serious burning concerns as it affects the present day South Africa. Motlanthe was speaking at the launch of social justice organisation Oxfam South Africa on Thursday in Johannesburg‚ coinciding with Africa Day celebrations.

“Eskom is the biggest industrial company on the continent. Transnet is the second biggest industrial company on the continent. They are owned by the public‚ but if you refer to recent shenanigans at Eskom‚ you will see a resource that is not being used for the benefit of the people‚” Motlanthe said.

Motlanthe reflected on South Africa’s democratic journey and the country’s on-going political crisis‚ marked by “the absence of ethical‚ moral and just leaders”.

“They have taken up office and fallen into incumbency‚ forgetting they are accountable to the people who put them there. This must be spoken about frankly. We find ourselves in a time where open and robust national discourse is in deficit‚” he said.

“South Africans find themselves laying their heads to rest at night and wondering what changes they will face then they wake in the morning.”

The democratic state established in 1994 has not yet been consolidated and remains fraught with social inequality and the advancement of individual interests‚ he said.