The Economic Freedom Fighters in a statement said that the Guptas want to take the life of party leader Julius Malema

Leaked emails revealed that the Guptas have been spying on some bosses in the banking industry and other prominent South Africans.

Here are five things EFF wants You to know about the Guptas spying Malema:

5. The Guptas have access to Juju’s travel itinerary and ID number.

EFF said most of the trips Malema embarked on which the media reported about were never publicly announced. EFF said that the Guptas have access to the travel itinerary and ID number of Malema. They use it to monitor his whereabouts.

4. Home Affairs and State Security helped the Guptas with Juju’s details.

It wasn’t a sangoma that divulged Malema’s details to the Guptas. It was the Home Affairs and State Security departments.

“We also know that it is impossible for the Guptas, on their own, to attain this information without the help of both Home Affairs and State Security,” EFF said.

3. Malema’s Phones Are Being Illegally Monitored.

The Fighters insinuated that the Home Affairs and State Security helped the Guptas with Malema’s information because the government was also interested in spying on the EFF leader.

“…Beyond the Guptas, it is the state that is actually spying on the CIC. We know that they also illegally monitor his calls and have been doing so for some time,” EFF divulged.

2. The Guptas have spying equipment from Russia.

To carry out their spying activities, the Guptas obtained spying equipment from Russia and illegally brought it into South Africa.

“…We are aware that the Guptas possess spying equipment from Russia which they brought illegally into the country,” EFF alleged.

“It is yet another hard evidence of why they must pack their bags and leave our shores,” EFF charged.

1. The Guptas are hoping to isolate Malema and assassinate him.

The Fighters can’t think of any other reason why the Guptas would spy on their leader “except…to find him isolated and take his life.”

“As an organisation, we are concerned about the safety of the CIC. Not so long ago, we have had to track a car that was following him around,” EFF revealed.