The First Lady Tobeka Madiba-Zuma while addressing mourners at S’fiso funeral yesterday ,  said her husband, could not attend the memorial service because he was meeting the Zambian President Edgar Lungu who is in town for a state visit.

“A lot has been said [by other speakers] about the media. In our country it is my wish to see media that is patriotic. It is my wish to see a media that, at the very least, respects the dead. The media did report the cause of his death but tomorrow we don’t wish to hear another prognosis about S’fiso’s death. I [hope] that we respect the passing of S’fiso on Earth.”

She also advised her on how best to deal with the media;

“That newspaper that will be carrying headlines about you, tomorrow it will covering fish and chips in Soweto. That is how I survive. I brush it off. It doesn’t touch me.”

“Don’t worry about the outer cycle. So whatever that is said in the media falls under the outer cycle. You have no control whatsoever. What people think about you, you have no control over. Forget about that. Focus your energies so that you can expand your inner cycle, where you have influence. Where you say you can make a choice and cry or say I’m not going to cry. That’s my message to you – don’t worry about what is happening in the outer cycle. That is how we survive the hostility of the media in our country regardless of how hard our president has worked for this country,” the first lady said.