Police Minister Fikile Mbalula during a speech at the OR Tambo International Airport on monday revealead the people responsible for the recent break-in at some security agencies.

The minister said that recent string of break-ins at key justice and government institutions must be “inside jobs.”

The minister was responding to news of the latest burglary at the Pretoria offices of the National Prosecuting Authority which saw two laptops belonging to prosecutors being stolen along with hard drives.

The NPA burglary comes just a week after a break-in at the Hawks Silverton office.

“Criminals who undertake these operations of breaking into offices are not criminals from outside‚ they are people who are working inside those offices. It’s an inside job for one reason or the other; it’s either corruption or otherwise they want to destroy evidence and there is no doubt about it‚” Mbalula said on Monday.

“It has got nothing to do with politics whatsoever‚ it has everything to do with greed and corruption and we are following them. Even at the Hawks‚ the people didn’t steal the files or the dockets‚ they stole stuff that belongs to HR (Human Resources) and finance. So it’s an inside job‚ no doubt about that‚” he said.


NPA sources said the building boasts the latest security technology with a myriad of systems which enable the constant monitoring of people arriving and leaving.

An NPA source‚ who asked not to be identified‚ said it was just coincidental that it occurred less than a week after the Hawks’ headquarters were burgled in a similar fashion.


Unisa criminologist‚ Professor Anthony Minnaar said the burglaries were clearly very deliberate‚ and not too transparent attempts‚ to derail certain cases against certain criminals or corrupt politicians.

“It’s too coincidental that these burglaries have occurred in the first place and are very targeted in terms of specific offices being broken into and certain laptops‚ hard drives and flash drives being taken.”

He questioned whether the necessary backups were being done.

“If they were then the thieves would rather attempt to hack into the NPA’s server system where the data should be kept.

“Stealing the laptops means that the thieves know that these computers are probably not being backed up. With that in mind one has to ask: why is this information not being backed up?”


Mbalula was adamant that those responsible for the burglaries would be brought to book.

Mbalula urged crime intelligence to do its job and gather as much information so they can arrest all those implicated in the break-ins.