The Forum4Service Delivery (F4SD) has accused President Jacob Zuma of “running away” when a storm ripped through a marquee during Friday’s Reconciliation Day celebrations in Gopane near Zeerust in North West.

“F4SD is extremely disappointed and still shocked by the… Zuma and ANC-led North West government leadership, who choose to run away in Gopane, Zeerust, and left the community to get injured,” national convener Mbahare Kekana said on Saturday.

“President Zuma is commander-in-chief. The man who was whisked away is a man who has spent 10 years [on] Robben Island, a man who further claims to have crossed big rivers in exile in different countries such as Zambia; this is [the] very same man who claims not to be afraid of jail.

Why did President Zuma not put to practice the combination of that experiences to save the community of Gopane, at least perform first aid help on the injured ones? Instead of running away not even attempting to come back later on.”

Kekana wished a speedy recovery to all those injured when the wind ripped through a marquee in Gopane.

“This incident is very unfortunate and we as the F4SD wish that it must not happen in the lifetime of each and every South African,” he said.