South African Health Facilities in Musina has always been overwhelmed by hundreds of thousands of Zimbabwean HIV positive patients every year.

It has always been believed that Zimbabweans are forced to leave their country to South Africa because of the economic hardship there. That is not always the case according to some gruesome findings.

According to a former senior administrator of the Zim. Home Affairs, Pres. Robert Mugabe does not tolerate HIV positive people in his country and for years he associated HIV with homosexualy.

When South African government legalized homosexuality marriage, Pres. Robert Mugabe started banishing all HIV positive people by giving them free passport and telling them to go South of the border. As it stands, 700 000 people have been offered the passport according to our source who said that his conscience could not allow hit to work under such cruel govt.

Why has it only ben hard now by most people?

The whole process is a state of the art strategy and if you are not part of it you will never realize.

If you tested positive your name will be uploaded to a database and before you know it, your passport will be ready and you are told that the two governments are working together and all u need to do is to cross the border and go to the nearest clinic. It doesn’t matter which town you end up in. You are told to go do a test in any hospital in South Africa and the rest is history.

The special passport is flagged in the system and who ever has a flagged passport will never be allowed back in Zim.

Until now most of the passport strategy citizens have no clue that the real reason is to keep them in South Africa because according to Pres. Mugabe, that’s where they belong.

Over 500 000 Zimbabweans are stuck in South Africa because of their HIV status. Pres. Mugabe call them Immoral animals and they belong to South Africa where a man can marry another man.

Zimbabwe remain one of a few African countries with a low HIV positive population and now people are wondering if this is due to the strategy Pres. Mugabe is using.